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The Maine Comprehensive Economic Development Database is an on-line resource for retrieving and searching a wide range of information to:

  • provide organizations with information that is helpful in making decisions on where to locate, and

  • serve as a source of information for a broad spectrum of economic development and business assistance activities.

    The searchable database is comprised of primary data (collected as part of the Maine Labor Force analysis in 1999-2001 through polling almost 7000 households and surveying approximately 3600 employers) and secondary data collected from __# sources. Further details on the purpose the data available, the data sources, and the database organizations are available at the access page.
    Access the full MCED Database.

    This website also provides access to a total of 21 reports prepared as part of the Labor Force Analysis Project. The first report profiles the workforce for the entire State of Maine, the next three reports compare the 17 labor regions (defined in terms of Maine's 35 Labor Market Areas), and the final 17 reports provide details on each of the individual 17 labor regions.

    Lastly, this website also provides brief labor force profile highlights for each of the 17 labor regions as teasers to encourage you explore more deeply the full MCED Database.
    Access the Labor Force Profiles.