II. Contents
C. Database organization
The database is organized so that information can be retrieved by making specifications relating to geographical region(s), type(s) of data, and the time period(s) to which the data pertain. The geographical regions are currently limited to State of Maine, EDDs, REMI Regions, counties, LFA Regions, LMAs, and minor civil divisions.

The data types are classified hierarchically first by data category, and then by data subcategory. Once a subcategory is selected, all relevant results are returned. Optionally, time periods can be modified from those for which specific subcategory data are available. Also, one or more data-item members can be selected from each subcategory. Occasionally, the data-type hierarchy includes another intermediate level called sub-subcategory from which one or more data items can be selected. Lower limit and upper limit interval specifications may be made at the data-item level to further restrict the data retrieval or search for geographical regions.