A Small Business Resource Guide by the Maine Small Business Development Centers.

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SBA Resource Partners

U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA)
... a general business assistance resource.

Maine Small Business Development Centers (Maine SBDC)
... a business management assistance resource.

Service Corps of Retired Executives (SCORE)
... a technical assistance resource.

Women's Business Center at CEI
... a technical assistance resource.

DECD Economic Development Team

Maine Department of Economic and Community Development (DECD)
...a general business assistance resource.

Maine DECD Office of Business Development
...a general business assistance resource for existing businesses.

Finance Authority of Maine (FAME)
...a financing resource.

Maine International Trade Center (MITC)
...a market development resource.

Maine Manufacturing Extension Partnership (Maine MEP)
...a process improvement resource.

Maine Small Business Development Centers (Maine SBDC)
... a business management assistance resource.

Maine Technology Institute (MTI)
...a technology commercialization resource.

Maine DECD Office of Tourism
...a tourism industry resource.

University of Southern Maine Resources

University of Southern Maine
...provides teaching, research and public service for the benefit of the citizens of Maine.

Center for Business and Economic Research (CBER)
...a consulting/research and technical assistance resource.

Center for Continuing Education (CCE)
...learn for life: for your business, for your career, for yourself.

Center for Entrepreneurship and Small Business (CESB)
...assistance in meeting the need for increasingly sophisticated knowledge, entrepreneurial skills and technical abilities among small businesses.

Institute for Family-Owned Business
...assistance in meeting the unique managerial challenges associated with operating and sustaining a successful family enterprise.

Maine Patent Program
...a resource for information and education on the patent process and other means of intellectual property protection.

Maine Small Business Development Centers (Maine SBDC)
... a business management assistance resource.

School of Applied Science, Department of External Programs
...an education, research and development, and technology transfer resource.

School of Business
...provides undergraduate and graduate education in business administration and accounting.

Technology Law Center
...a public resource incorporating the role of law in the development of technological progress and innovation and the expansion of electronic commerce.

CPAs, Lawyers and Private Consultants

American Institute of CPAs
...helpful links to the taxing authorities in your state.

...info on complying with government laws and regulations.

CPAdirectory tm
...the largest on-line database of Certified Public Accountants

...law resources for Maine.

Maine State Bar Association
...lawyer referral and information service.

Maine Society of CPAs
...online Certified Public Accountant referral service.

NOLO Law for All
..."everday law for everyday people"

Professional Consultants of Maine
...one stop resource for information on Maine based Professional Consultants.


Maine Department of Agriculture
...fostering opportunities for Maine's agriculture community.

U.S. Department of Agriculture
...committed to assisting America's farmers and ranchers.

UMaine Cooperative Extension
...providing Maine people with research-based educational programs to help them live fuller, more productive lives.

Natural Resource Conservation Districts in Maine
...helping people to conserve, improve and sustain natural resources.

Risk Management Agency/U.S. Dept of Agriculture
...a crop insurance resource.

Maine Farm Service Agency
...stabilizing farm income, helping farmers conserve, providing credit, and helping farm operations - the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Farm Service Agency (FSA).

Maine Agricultural Center
...responding to the needs of Maine agriculture.


Royal Technology Group
...The Royal Technology Group is an innovative organization utilizing knowledge and skills of the former Scranton Electronic Commerce Resource Center and Small Business Development Center.

SBA eBusiness Support Center
...The Help Desk is the cornerstone of our eBusiness Support Center. Clients of Small Business Development Centers, Women's Business Centers, and Minority Business Development Centers from Maine to Virginia

...Easy Online Application

The fast, easy way to get your company on to the Internet today!

...a secure place on the web to organize and collaborate.


Email 101 webinar
A 22 minute webinar on how to use email for marketing.

Business Planning

Business Plan Outline
A business plan outline designed specifically for clients of the Maine SBDC

The Plan
Maien SBDC's recommended busienss plan workbook

...start Planning Your Business Now!

Environmental Compliance

Maine DEP Small Business Technical Assistance
...helping small businesses comply with environmental regulations and reduce pollution and waste.

U.S. EPA Small Business Gateway
...helping small business to protect human health and safeguard the environment.

Federal Grants

...find Federal Grant Opportunities, Grant Opportunity Notification, Grants.gov Newsletter, and more.


Women's Venture Fund
Micro loans for women entrepreneurs in underserved urban communities

A listing of our most frequently asked questions and their answers

SBA- bp basics
A step-by-step guide to writing a business plan

sbdcnet bp listing
A list of Business Plan infromation resources

A full menu of Business Planning resources

Ultimate Business Planner
Business Planning sofware designed for Quickbooks

Palo Alto- BP Pro
A Business Planning software package

Jian- BizPlanBuilder
Software to help design your business plan

SCORE bp templates
Review real busienss plans, complete with financial and accounting statements

sbdcnet bp templates
An A-Z listing of Business Plan templates

Bplans.com templates
The Business Plan templates on this site are part of a complete guide to business planning

SBA Finance page
The SBA helps you take a detailed look at your finances.

Home-based biz financing
A step-by-step guide on home based business finance brought to you by the University of Maine Cooperative Extension.

An expert source for information on business financing here in Maine

A lisiting of links to valuable reading material on business finance

DECD-me office biz devel.
Information and assistance to help foster and grow Maine business and Maine communities

Compare bank rates, find articles and information on how the bank financing system works

A Business Funding Directory

Maine- based listing of Commercial Finance Firms

Find and apply for Federal grant opportunities

MissouriSBDC- truth about grants for Small Business

Small Bus. Innovation Research Prog.
Government help to assist you in developing your business technology

USDept of Energy's inventions& inovations
Grant opportunities for businesses with an eye on energy saving technologies

MTI- proposal inf.
Grant opportunities for businesses in Maine's technology intensive sectors

A free Maine-based loan packaging service

Financial Business Assistance for Maine Small Businesses

SBA- FIN:loans
Federal loan packaging assistance and Inforamtion

A disaster loan resource

SBA- Disaster Assistance Home pg
Inforamtion and Resources on loans that assist business owners recover from natural disasters

Very Small Business Loans available to qualified small businesses

Count-Me-In for Wm's Economic Indp.
Business loans, education and consultation for women business owners

Coastal Enterprises, Inc. (CEI)
Loans and equity financing for small and sole proprietor enterprises

Women's Venture Fund
Small loans for women entrepreneurs in underserved urban communiites

American Institute of CPAs
A complete source of accounting information

National online Directory of accountants

QuickBooks Pro 2004
Financial Management Software

Accounting software for Windows

Peachtree Complete Accounting
Business Management and Accounting software

Pricing and Breakeven Analysis Software

Civil Recovery Services, Inc.
Assistance and Information on recovering losses that occurred as a result of theft

National Assn. of Credit Mgmt.
A resource for credit, collection and financial management information

D&B; Small Business Solutions
Credit and colllection tools and information

Assistance managing and collecting credit

Search from a nationwide listing of collection agencies and learn about their services

Nolo Press
Download this template of a legally-sound letter to send to debtors

Employee benefit packages and benefits management

Free compliance information and tools for employee benefit plans

Advantage Payroll- 401 (k)
An online 401k program

National Center for Employee Ownership
Nonprofit membership research organization focusing on employee stock ownership plans

Foundation for Enterprise Development
Information on establishing an employee ownership program

A salary research site

Find a salary survey on your occupation or industry

Expense report software

Risk Mmgt. Assn.- Annual Stmnt Studies
Information and reports on credit, market and operational risk

Analysis and reports on business performance

Top 10 Mistakes when asking for VC
A guide to obtaining Venture Capital

Venture Capital Primer for Small Bus.
This guide is an easy to undersatnd introduction to Venture Capital

National Venture Capital Assn.
A trade association offering information on the Venture Capital Industry

A financial services portal

The Capital Connection
An online network of Venture Capital resources

SBA- SBICs and Vent Caps
A list of direct links to small business investment companies

Federal Contracting opportunities for qualified small businesses

Online Women's Business Center
Provide services and resources to women-owned businesses

Springboard Enterprises
Helps women business owners obtain equity capital

Count-Me In for Wmn's Economic Indpc.
Business loans, consultation and education for women business owners

Government Contracting

...aVerticalNet marketplace for industry professionals.

HUBZone Empowerment Contracting Program
...federal contracting opportunities for qualified small businesses.

Market Development Center (MDC)
...a technical assistance resource connecting Maine businesses with markets and suppliers.

...procurement marketing and access network

SBA Office of Government Contracting
...services that help small businesses meet government contracting requirements.

USDA Procurement
...programs for small, disadvantaged and women-owned businesses.

...the gateway for women-owned businesses selling to the federal government.


Insurance Information Institute
...answers to the many questions about small business insurance.

Maine Bureau of Insurance
...the Bureau of Insurance, within the Department of Professional and Financial Regulation, regulates the insurance industry for solvency and consumer protection.

National Association for the Self Employed
...Be the first to know about legislative action that affects you and your business

International Trade

Federation of International Trade Association
...fosters international trade by strengthening the role of local, regional, and national associations throughout the United States, Mexico and Canada that have an international mission.

Small Business Exporters Association
...provides exporting resources, networking, advocacy and information for exporters and those interested in exporting.

Office of International Trade
....helpful publications and links, including basic how-to.


...it's all about managing everyday business.

...one of the most visited web sites serving small business.

A powerful search engine and complete resource guide for entrepreneurs

SBDC Information Clearinghouse
Search resourcs, research and information in 18 different categories

Use this free site to explore your business managemnt issues

Free source offering a wide selection of resources, articles and templates

Edward Lowe Foundation
Links those trying to expand already established businesses with resource and assistance

National Association for the selfemployed
Support for micro businesses and the self-employed

US Patent and Trademark Office
Legal protection for your ideas

US Copyright Office
Information and applications concerning copyright registration

Small Business Environmental HomePage
..This is a page of Environmental help for small business.

Environmental Protection Agency
Environmental help for small business

Pract.Guide to Env. Mgmnt for Small Bus.
A guide to undersatnding the environmental issues that affect your busieness

Workplace Poster Requirements
Information on what you must legally post in your workplace

Safety and helath resources and information for those in your workplace

US DOL Employment Law Guide
Statutes and regulations that affect businesses and workers

Information about federal employment laws

Backgrounds Online
Provider of employment screening and background checks

Human Realtions software, resources and tools

Incentive Marketing Assn.
Resources to help you create your own incentive marketing program

US Equal Employmnt Opportunity Comm.
Answers to your equal employment opportunity questions.

Dept. of Labor- Layoffs
Information and resources for employers facing layoffs

A membership organization offering employee managemant help

Dress Code template- W's Bus. Center
A template to help you write a dress code for your business

A guide to the laws that pertain to the employee relationships within your business

Hire a freelancer, consultant or contractor

Family Firm Institute
Information and networking opportunities for family businesses

Family Business Consulting Group
Consulting services and publications for family business

Information to help you undersatnd the status of an employee as a contractor

ME Institute for Family Owned Business
Local support for family-owned businesses in Maine

A business managemnt information site providing top resources, tools and guides

...Operated by the Kauffman Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership. BizBest calls it "the most extensive and useful small biz web site anywhere"


The Logo Company
A logo design service

Individulaized logo services

A provider of media rates and data

A marketing virtual library

Commission Junction
A client service offering performance based marketing solutions

Link Share
A pay for perfomance affiliate marketing network

A search engine fro revenue sharing programs

American Marketing Assn.
Information and research covering a wide range of marketing needs

Brochures and professional marketing material

Paper products for your professional needs

NetPost mailing online
Buy and post promotional business postcards

telecommuications, marketing and procurement services

Call center services provider

E-commerce, fufillment and call center solutions

Maxwell Sroge Company
Mail order consulting and advertising, specailists in the catalog business

Direct Marketing Assn.
A wide selection of catalog publications for reference

U.S Postal Service
A direct mail service with information on how to set up your own services

An online direct mail provider offering access to a variety of resources

Opt-In, Inc.
Opt-in e-mail marketing soloutins for direct mailers

Topica Email Publisher
A service provider of web-based marketing solutions

Ad Resource
Information on advertising and promotions

Submit Express
A search engine submission service

bCentral Banner Network
Free, specailized, online banner advertising

Incentive Marketing Assn.
Resources to help you create your own incentive marketing program

Promotional product ideas, strategies, proposals and pricing

Order promotional products imprinted with your logo

Self service kiosk information

A provider and search engine of business marketing lists

InfoUSA, Inc.
Sales and marketing support provider

Access to marketing lists used by major industry mailers

Hugo Dunhill Mailing Lists
A complete source of marketing list information and resources

Microsoft Mappoint 2002
Business mapping software

A large selsection of busienss maps with the option to customize

Click Z stats
A network of marketing news, infromation and resources

An agregator of global buseinss intelligence

Quirks Marketing Research Review
This site focuse on helping business owners undersatnd market research

American Marketing Assn.
A wide range of marketing resources, tools and information

Harris InfoSource
Busienss infromation for sales and marketing professsionals

Marketing, advertising and promotional ideas fro small town business

MarketIt Right
Marketing commmunnications planning and implementation

A free resource of marketing tools and infromation

Multicultural Marketing Resources
A resource and promoter of multculatural marketing news

A customer realtionship managenmet provider

Sales force automation for your customer realtionship managemnet needs

A subscrition service provising sales infromation, forums and tools

Business to business information for those in the sales industry

Britten Media
Stock and custom signage options fro businesses

SBA- signage for your business
The rules and regulations behind acquirring and displaying signage

Palo Alto MP Pro
Software to create and implement your marketing plan

Jian- Marketing Builder
Marketing spreadsheets and marketing plan templates to download and print

Instant Quote Professional
A software application for busienss quotes and invoices

ATT- SBC- toll free services
Find a toll free number for your busienss

Trade Show News Network
An online reosurce for the trade show industry and those seeking to become involved

Trade Show Week
An online tradeshow directory


Office of the National Ombudsman - SBA
...assisting small businesses when they experience excessive federal regulatory enforcement actions. FILE COMPLAINTS ABOUT FEDERAL AGENCIES HERE!

Small Business Ombudsman - EPA
...facilitating communication between the EPA and small business owners.


Business search engine and business directory

Hoover's Inc
A business information database

A statistical data resource

Access to national public records

Fuld&Co.-Internet; Intelligence Index
A busienss research and consulting firm

Center for Women's Business Research
Information on women business owners and their enterprises

Industry data and independent market research

An aggregator of global business intelligence

Quirks Marketing Research Review
Promotes the understanding of market research in all industries

American Marketing Assn.
A marketing research source

Click Z stats
A source for interactive and internet research

Safety Compliance

Occupational Safety & Health Administration/Small Business
...assistance to help save lives, prevent injuries and protect the health of your workers.

...working for safety in Maine

Special Interest

Small Busienss Investment Companies

Online Women's Business Center
Promote the growth of women-owned busiensses

Springboard Enterprises
Help accessing equity markets

Count-Me In for Wmn's Economic Indpc.
Access to loans, education and consultation

Women's Venture Fund
Helps women entrepreneurs in underserved urban communities

The Women's Channel- EntreWorld
Business articles by the top women in their fields, links and resources

business information and networking asssistance

Asian Women in Business
Asisstance for Asian Women in business

Maine Centers for Women,Work&Commun;
Training, advocacy and assistance right here in Maine

Center for Women's Business Research
Find research results, accesss information

SBA- Office of Native American Affairs
Business development and expansion tools

Native American Business Alliance
business to busienss networking and an extensive database of Native American owned businesses

Native American Rights Fund
Legal and technical assistance

Nat.Cent. for AmericanInd. Entprs Devel.
Business managment services and support

Native American Resources
A listing of specialized resources

Native American Census Data
print-ready demographic profiles

The Abilities Fund
Entrepreneurial opportunities

The Small Business&Self-employ; Service
Provide information, counseling and referals

The SEED Institute
Accessible managment training and technical assistance

Veteran's Small Business Research
A listing of data on entrepreneurial Veterans

VA Vendor Bulletin Board System
Information, data and dialouge on Veterans in business

information for veterans starting or growing a business

SBA- Veteran's Business Development
Information on resources available from the government and others

The Veteran's Corporation
Provide a wide range of business and extended services

National Black Chamber of Commerce
Support for black communities and the businesse that fuel them

National Minority Supplier Devel. Council
Match minority owned businesses with clients and contracts

US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
A business network for Latin Americans

Latin Business Association
Education, information and support for Latin-owned businesses

MultiCultural Marketing Resources
Public relations and marketing company concenrtating on the needs of minority owned businesses

A free membership organization for minority, disabled and women-owned business suppliers

A minority business information and resource service

National Balck Business Council
Advocate the growth of minority-owned business

Office of Small&Disadvantaged; Bus Utiliz.
Opportunities to help these businesses compete


Business Filings Inc.
Onine forms and services to help you establish your business entity

Corporate Creations International
Incorporation, trademark, corporate document filing and retreival services

The Company Corporation
Provides a wide range of corporate services

A portal of resources and databases full of franchising information

Franchise Network
An online network of franchise consultants

The Franchise Registry - SBA
A localized listing of franchise resources

A Consumer Guide to Buying a Franch.
A guide to purchasing a franchise

BuzGate SU resources
Answers to your business, tax and legal questions

Business Owner's Toolkit
An in-depth resource of business start-up information

sbdcnet-getting started
Start-up links, forms checklists and more

Business resource information for entrepreneurs

Maine Business Answers
This site will answer all your questions about conducting business in Maine

Your tax questins answered courtesy of the IRS

Tax Resources

FirstGov for Employers
...working together for employers and businesses.

Internal Revenue Service: Small Business/Self-Employed
...a federal tax information resource for small businesses and the self-employed from the nation's tax collection agency, the IRS.

Maine Revenue Services
...a State tax information resource committed to providing quality service to Maine's citizens.

...the premier payroll reference library.

Quicken.com Small Business Guide
...making the most of your money.

Taxes and Bookkeeping

A referece guide of legal and regulatory information

Online Business Tax Filing
Fill out, file and submit a variety of tax forms online

A complete resource for payroll research

CCH Bus.Owner's Tool Kit- controlling tax
Free tax prep and filing services and information

IRS- tax forms and publications
Review and print tax forms and publications

IRS- e-file
Go here to file your taxes online

Bookkeeper IQ Test
A hiring tool to help you obtain a qualified bookkeeper

Technology Commercialization

Maine Small Business Technology Development Center
...a technology commercialization resource.

Advance Technology Program
...ATP funds a unique group of projects. In addition to innovative technologies with the potential for broad national benefits.

Maine Technology Institute
...a technology commercialization resource.

Web Development

Maine Web Designers
...E-COMMERCE & WEB DESIGNER DIRECTORY Web Site Developers and Graphic Artists organized by State, Country and Services.

...the web developer's resource

...incredible dynamic html site.

National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA)
This is a primer for producing documents in HTML, the hypertext markup language used on the World Wide Web. This guide is intended to be an introduction to using HTML and creating files for the Web. Links are provided to additional information. You should also check your local bookstore; there are many volumes about the Web and HTML that could be useful.

Women Owned Business

American Woman's Economic Development Corp.
...Helping entrepreneurial women start and grow their businesses since 1976.

National Association of Women Business Owners
...Offering members a broad range of workshops, speakers, exhibits and networking opportunities

Women's Business Center at CEI
... a technical assistance resource.


...take charge of your business.

New Ventures
... entrepreneurship skills training in risk-taking, decision-making and communication to your business idea.

...helping entrepreneurs reach the next level of success.

USM Center for Continuing Education
...courses and certificate programs in all aspects of business.

Degree Programs

University of Maine at Augusta
...Associate and Bachelor Degrees with a concentration in Small Business Management.

Husson College
...Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Family Business.

Thomas College
...Bachelor of Science Degree in Entrepreneurship/Small Business Management.

Online Training

My Own Business
...helping new businesses stay in business.

Small Business Classroom
...a digital strategy for training small business owners in a changing, global environment.

World Wide Learn
...the world's directory of online courses, online learning and online education.

Online Tutorials

UMaine Virtual Resources
..Putting knowledge to work with the people of Maine.

Online Women's Business Center
...business basics.


Fast Trac


Business Week / Small Business
... the #1 business publication in the world.

...local business news from around the nation.

CNNmoney / Small Business
... small business from the editors of CNN and Money magazine.

Emerging Business
...taking your business to the next level.

Entrepreneur Magazine
... solutions for growing businesses.

Fast Company
... ideas that matter. Tools that work. Everything Fast.

Family Business
... the guide for building and managing family companies.

Fortune Small Business (FSB)
... right at the center of it all.

Home Business Journal
... the nation's leading home business expert.

Home Business Magazine
... the resource for home-based business owners, home office workers and telecommuters!

Inc. Magazine
... where to start and grow your business.

Industry Week
... leadership in manufacturing.

MaineToday / Small Business
... Maine's complete business resource.

Minority Business Entrepreneur
... for and about minority and women business owners.

The Small Business Journal
... dedicated to growing businesses.

Small Business Taxes and Management
... providing tax and management guidance to small and medium sized businesses and their owners.

Small Biz Tech Talk
... simple technology strategies for the small business on a shoestring budget.

USA Today / Small Business
... experience the news now.

WSJ StartupJournal
... The Wall Street Journal Center for Entrepreneurs.

Y&E; Magazine
... the magazine for teen entrepreneurs.